Host a Shoe Drive

If you would like to host a shoe recycling bin or have your own shoe drive
please contact us below:

Fundraising Opportunities

When we work together we can change the world one pair at a time. We can help plan a shoe drive
for your retail store, school, or club. We can pay for a portion of your advertising to ensure that
your shoe drive is a success. We will help plan your advertising to show your customer that you
have a heart and at the same time drive more traffic to your store.

We are partnered up with many non-profit organizations that we help by shoe-recycling. If you have any locations such as stores, or shopping centers where we could place a bin to raise money for the charity of your choice. What an easy way to raise money at your locations and help a charitable organization. It's FREE and it's a win win for you, going green and doing the right thing.

We hope you will collect massive amounts of shoes for our program. Every shoe will be accounted
for and a total count will be given to you for bragging rights since you have made such a worthwhile

We know that this event will attract new customers to your store to support what you are doing for
the environment and Shoes for the Cure. With each successful shoe drive for Shoes for the Cure can
continue to inform, educate and recycle our way to a cleaner healthier earth. We can also put a link to
your website on our website with a special thank you for your support and a tally of how many pairs
of shoes you collected.

We are all in this together.

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